Middle Kenai River Fishing Trip

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Middle Kenai River

If you're itching to feel the tug of a 30-plus-inch rainbow trout on the end of your line, the Middle Kenai is the stretch of water for you. More than a million salmon return to these waters every year to spawn, creating an all you can eat buffet of salmon eggs for the rainbows and dolly varden. These are fat, happy, well-fed trout that are some of the biggest in the state and will give you the fight of a lifetime.

Beginning at Skilak Lake, the upper stretches of the lower 50 miles of the Kenai, begin wide and slow with current picking up as the river narrows and continues downstream toward Cook Inlet. The scenery is outstanding as you float through parts of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge; it's not unusual to pass a brown bear fishing with her cubs or see eagles soaring overhead. The middle section is wide and deep in many places, meaning this is where the big bows often hang out. But it's a section of river that changes with the seasons, so the fish are always moving. Luckily we fish year-round and we know where to go to find them.

During the summer months, this section of river is a frenzy of salmon - reds (sockeye), silvers (coho), humpies (pink) and kings (chinook) all return here to spawn. See for yourself why this river is famous for its enormous kings, tasty reds and trophy trout. If you fish the Middle Kenai you won't need to stretch the truth, your fish tales from here will sound too big to be true.

Lower Kenai River

The Lower Kenai River begins at the Soldotna Bridge and empties into Cook Inlet, about 20 miles downriver. This is the stretch of water where you find salmon fresh from the sea and chock-full of fight. Anglers visit this stretch to target world-famous Kenai kings and Kenai reds. Experience some of the feistiest and fattest fish in the state - once you hook into one it won't take you long to understand where the world-class reputation comes from.

When the reds are running, more than a million fish race through this stretch of river toward their spawning grounds, creating an unbelievably exciting day on the river. I keep my eye on the tides and the run times to make sure we're there when the fishing is hot. When the big floods of fish come in, limits can come quick and you won't want to stop until your arm falls off.