Vacation Planning

Vacation Planning From Your Guide!

As the mercury plummets in the thermometer just outside my front window I find myself making the most of each day discussing upcoming fishing trips with potential customers. Being self-employed I rely on customer satisfaction to bring repeat business plus the thought of longer days, warmer temperatures and being back on the river keeps the "cabin fever" at bay. For those of us who get as much excitement out of the planning process and hours of homework, on subjects we enjoy, this is the time to begin your Alaskan Kenai Peninsula Adventure.

Without question the number one asked is, "what's the best time to come" as I'm sure it is with everyone. One would think, simple question so why does the answer seem so difficult to answer. Well, the answer differs with each individual and what might be the right time for one may not be for someone else.

However, it prompts the following discussion and is a place to start, so let's see if we can address some of the things which to consider that will help you decide what the best time for you.

Let' assume everyone is fishing, for me it's a big assumption and not worth the risk so I’ll ask. This trip Dad's bringing another group because he enjoyed the trip with his buddies and now wants to share it with his family. Two of the four in the group are fishing this time. The others want to enjoy additional elements of the surrounding area. He asks if I can help with recommendations for other activities while the two of them fish. After discussing their options we get back to fishing and the species of fish they plan to target. Only to complicate the matter further this river system offers two runs of king, sockeye and silver salmon. With any luck these runs would overlap but typically there is a slow period between runs. Other considerations are how neighboring fisheries are typically producing in the area during a specific time frame. Further more there are regulations, crowds and weather to consider. As we've all heard many times before timing is everything and here it certainly holds true. Consider all facets of your trip, do your homework and remember timing is everything when planning your Alaskan fishing vacation.

Thank you,
Todd & Michelle Donahue