Kasilof River Fishing

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Kasilof River

The Kasilof River is the best-kept secret in Alaska; it's filled with fiery reds, powerful kings and steelhead that will spank you on a fly rod. The Kasilof River starts in the mighty waters of Tustumena Lake, the largest lake on the Kenai Peninsula at 115 square miles wide and almost 1,000 feet deep in places. The lake is glacial-fed from Tustumena Glacier, which is part of the Harding Icefield. The silty glacial content gives the water a beautiful blue hue. Moose, bears and waterfowl can be found perusing the banks as the river winds down toward Upper Cook Inlet.

While this river is smaller than the Kenai, the Kasilof River is a powerful water body that carries a strong current. This 20-mile glacial river is filled with obstacles that can be hard to navigate for beginners but make it a fun and exciting float for anglers on our trips. As the river empties out of Tustumena Lake you begin to enter a stretch filled with underwater structure that provides the perfect habitat for sockeye, silvers and steelhead, this is not just a river for targeting trout. During the summer months, reds and silvers make their way up the Kasilof to spawn. This river is filled with beautiful gravel beds stacked with spawning salmon. Not only is the fishing fantastic on this river, there are fewer people than on the Kenai and the entire river is drift only, meaning you get a truly Alaska wilderness feel on this float.

The lower stretch of this river begins at the Kasilof River Bridge. Don't tell your friends, but I think this is the best spot in the state to land a king, which should be on everybody's bucket list. The Kasilof River Kings are slightly smaller than the ones in the Kenai but don't let that fool you into thinking landing one will be easy, these fish put up one heck of a fight. The Kasilof River has several healthy Salmon runs and if you're looking for a river with room to fight these fish, this is your next trip.