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Upper Kenai River Fishing

It all begins on the Upper Kenai, a 17-mile stretch of water starting at Kenai Lake and emptying into Skilak Lake. The high-level of glacial silt makes this stretch of water sparkle an unbelievable turquoise color. The Kenai River is breathtakingly beautiful on the surface but we're more interested in what's underneath. As it winds its way through the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, a forest filled with bald eagles, brown bears and moose, the river changes width, gradient and depth. Back channels, braids, undercut banks and obstructions create outstanding Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden habitat. The fish live here year-round but their numbers increase during the summer Kenai River Salmon runs. Adding to this pristine experience is the absence of motors; the Upper Kenai River fishing is done from drift boats only, meaning you can enjoy a peaceful day on the water with the only interruption being the splash of your fish in the net. We are the best Kenai River fishing guide service in the area. Check Rates »

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